Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The school that some of my kids go to are having a rummage sale. They sell everything for $5.00 a brown bag, unless otherwise marked. The last day they have a free day and anything left gets tossed or sent to a homeless shelter.

The first year we moved here I went to the rummage sale on the last day, not realizing it was all free. Nothing was marked, so I asked one of the ladies what the prices were. When she told me everything was free I probably looked like a deer in the headlights. Huh? Who gives away stuff for free? If I remember correctly I did give a donation since the funds helped the school.

Anywho, for the next couple days I'm going to declutter and bless them with my abundance of treasures. heh. I took a couple boxes over yesterday and brought home about ten empty boxes to fill up. At first it's hard to give up some things that we've had forever, but once I get started I feel so much better about downsizing. If it's been packed away and I haven't needed it for six months to a year, what are the chances I'll need it any time soon? I can only think of one thing that I've gotten rid of in the past that I regret.

I am praying about whether I should give up my baby stuff. There are certain things I will keep, but I don't think it's totally necessary to keep things like the baby bath or bouncer. If I do end up pregnant again both of those things are easily replaced inexpensively. But boxes up baby and little boy/girl clothes will be bittersweet. I love(d) my babies.

Since it's a dreary, rainy day it is the perfect time to stay inside and get my treasures boxed up. And I am NOT going to bring boxes of treasure home with me when the sales start!!


  1. I'm trying to declutter and man is it harder this time around! I got rid of so much when we downsized to the cabin, that what's left is stuff that we use occasionally, but we just don't have the room, so it really needs to go! We can live with out it just fine. But to convince my head of that!!

    Letting go of Max's clothes as he outgrew them was hard at first, I've never had to let go of perfectly good clothes like that! No more 2T's hanging around....so bittersweet.

    I did hang onto some baby items, like a pack and play, the table chair (we used instead of a highchair) and things like that. I thought of what we'd haul out at my Grandmother's for the different kids and made decisions based on that. But the other stuff I gradually let go.....

  2. I am also trying to declutter, the thoughts that go through my head are... when is the last time that was used, HAS it EVER been used, how easy is it to replace, & do I really want to pack that up if we should move again? I have a small box of baby girl clothes that I consider "keepsake" items, that I probably won't get rid of any time soon. I still have a few items from my other boys that I have kept as keepsakes, but I have also handed down a bunch of stuff to my sister and SIL's for their daughters.

  3. Hmm I wish we had a rummage sale here though with just moving I guess I do not have as much stuff to get rid of.