Saturday, October 17, 2009

Deer hit

The three oldest talked dh and I into letting them go rent some movies. So they went off and I decided to take a shower. Right as I got in I said a QUICK (and I mean QUICK and not in-depth) prayer about their safety as they travel.

Even though it was a short prayer I pictured/felt how sad it would be if something happened to them while driving. I thought of how sad the little kids would be and how awful it would be if Hali died and Aaron and Solomon only survived. Weird to think all of that in the matter of moments.

I got out of the shower to find dh on the phone with the police--Hali called and let him know she hit a deer! Everybody is okay, and the vehicle still runs--but it got a big owee. I think she hit the butt end of the deer. Dh just left to check out how things are--they are only about six miles away.

I am between thankfulness that it wasn't worse and regret that I didn't say more than a quick "Keep them safe while driving" prayer......

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