Saturday, February 28, 2009

Venison Stoganoff (Easy!)

I made my venison stroganoff different this time and it turned out really good:

  • 2 lbs venison chunks (or beef, if you prefer)
  • Water (quite a bit--enough to cover the venison)
  • Garlic Garlic (Tastefully Simple product--well worth the money!)
  • Onion soup mix

Boil, cover, and simmer until tender and cooked through.

Mix milk, sour cream and cream of mushroom soup and add to pan.

Simmer until it thickens up a bit. I simmered for quite a while and it wasn't quite thick enough so I added some Clear-jel (instead of cornstarch because I have a million pounds of the stuff!) dissolved in water.

Serve it over egg noodles. (I made two big bags since most of my kids are pasta freaks.)

It was good. It's isn't that much different than what I usually make, but it sure was a lot quicker than using fresh onions and garlic. I liked the taste. Because the onion soup mix is so salty I think you have to make a larger recipe like I did. (This served 11 people with some leftover.)

The reason I did it this way is because I forgot to thaw the venison and boiling it makes it turn out more tender than defrosting it in the microwave.

(No picture--broken/lost camera once again!)


  1. Sounds like that would be a nice crock pot. Just have the meat cooking while you go about your day, then come home, add sour cream and soup and start cooking noodles.

  2. Charlotte, yes, it would taste great being made in a slow cooker. I have done that numerous times.
    I checked your blog and see you are a canner---I LOVE canning and will be checking out your rhubarb recipes. We have our first harvest of it coming in soon and I wanted to can something this year instead of just freezing it as I usually do.
    Thanks for stopping by. :)