Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My husband is the greatest. On one of our computers we have hundreds of pictures. We kept saying how we better back up those pictures or we'll regret it if the computer blew up......Finally, it got done. Cortney sat down and saved and saved and saved. That was cool. These were from when we were back in Wisconsin and had just gotten our first chincy little digital camera that stored, at the max, 17 prints. WooHoo! But I take pictures like crazy, so digital over film makes sense for us.

Then, he was even cooler and went to get a few hundred printed. He came home, and we sat down and stuck them in albums. (I still have packages of prints in our basement that aren't in albums!) Anyway, he printed off a portion of what he saved, I wrote basic information on the back of each picture, and now we have some of our memories catalogued.

Above is one of my very, very favorite pictures of Rachel and Melchizedek. Isn't that precious? He was under two weeks old, she was almost five----I still remember her sweetness toward him--this picture captures just a glimpse of it.

Go here to see a recent picture of Mel, Rachel, and Isaiah.


  1. What a precious picture.

    We had (yes, had) hundreds of pictures on one of our computers and the hard drive crashed. So we lost most of them (I had copied some of our favorites onto an online website, thanks goodness.)

    I'm so glad you were able to get them printed and put in albums. That's a project on my list for "someday."

    I've been missing you. XO

  2. HOW SWEET! I am so scared of losing all my pics! I also have probably thousands of pics saved to my computer, I need to back them up!

  3. Oh that is precious!!! I love newborns with their siblings...nothing is more beautiful!

  4. Beautiful picture! I've been snap crazy lately. i love it.

    In the spirit of photos I've tagged you in a photo "game".