Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dekar's memorial ornament, 2008

For quite a while I have been looking for a Christmas ornament that really reminded me of Dekar. Today, I found it. I’ve been having some rough days and finding an ornament in memory of Dekar helped to lighten my mood and make my soul smile. It isn’t really an “ornament”, but that’s okay. Here it is:
Although I miss Dekar like crazy I have the promise that I will see him again; I have HOPE because of Christ. A little boy, joyfully displaying a HOPE balloon caught my attention, and I knew it was meant for me.

“Hope is symbolized in Christian iconography by an anchor. And what does an anchor do? It keeps the ship on course when wind and waves rage against it. But the anchor of hope is sunk in heaven, not on earth.”
~~Gregory Floyd, A Grief Unveiled

(The above figurine can be found here. Willow Tree® by Susan Lordi –”Hope”, stock #26163)

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  1. It's a gorgeous figurine. Isn't it amazing how we get signs from Heaven when we need them the most?