Friday, November 14, 2008

What am I doing this for?

Okay, so I start this blog, and now I think, "WTH was I thinking?" A. I don't think my life is all the interesting--I just live it. B. If I take the time to type up blog entries, when will I do my nails? (You will realize this is sarcasm as long as you understand I have eight living children, a husband and pantry moths to deal with.)

Oh, here's something interesting: I got rid off all of my old socks and started a new system that doesn't result in a basket of mismatched socks. (Does anybody REALLY want to hear about that? I don't think so.)

The election: Not happy that Obama got in. I don't understand why people were taken with him. I don't see him as a smooth communicator. I thought Bill Clinton was rather smooth, but not Obama. He blew it right away by making a joke about Nancy Reagan. Not cool. Not leaderlike. Not impressed.

All I can say is this--God is still on the throne.

Tomorrow is Aaron's 16th birthday. He survived hepatoblastoma with mets to the lungs. He's a cool kid and I'm so blessed that he is still here with us.

That's it for now. I have a diaper to change. Want me to blog about it?


  1. I would actually Looooooooooooove to hear about your new system for mismatched socks.

  2. I've thought the same thing with my blog. "WTH was I thinking? I don't have anything to write about." I guess I do have a few things, but nothing I really want everyone to know about... you know? I almost wrote about a sliver I have in my finger... seriously. I had the post done, then deleted it. Pathetic.

  3. Only if it has corn in it- I've never understood why corn doesn't digest

  4. I really was serious about the sock thing, I really do want to know your secret. I have a floppitygazillion unmatched socks. WHAT do I do with then?